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Raising standards

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In 1992, the state board of Texas Education discussed raising performance standards and levels of expectations for all students. One of the obstacles to this goal was the existence of the below level courses in English language arts, mathematics, and science. These courses tended to isolate low-performing students and to minimize expectations of them. Accordingly, the board adopted the schedule for phasing out below level courses.

Correlated Language Arts I, Fundamentals of Mathematics, Consumer Mathematics, and Introductory Physical Science did not satisfy graduation requirements after the 1991-92 school year. After the 1992-93 school year, Correlated Language Arts II - IV and Applied Biology no longer satisfied graduation requirements. Business Mathematics, a business course, was added to the schedule to be deleted after the 1992-93 school year. Pre-Algebra was to be discontinued after the 1995-96 school year.

In 1992 the state board of Texas Education also adopted a Policy Statement on High School Education developed by the Task Force on High School Education. The task force consisted of board members, representatives of the governor’s office and state agencies, educators, and business representatives. Their charge was to develop a policy statement and make recommendations regarding high school Texas Education. At the same time they adopted the policy statement, the board endorsed recommended proficiencies for Texas high school graduates that grew from the work of the task force and other groups. The recommended proficiencies represented a standard core curriculum for all students in excess of the minimum graduation requirements.

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What does scores mean at this day of age, when it's the one who can cut thru the pile of information, and critically can find innovative ways to optain the required knowledge a certain task may require.

The educations goal as such is NOT the scores but optain a life long curiosity and critical approach to debunk myths and hearsays ...to recognize that pampering isn't the best social strategy, but gadflying is more likely to adjust the overall direction better!

If authoritarian tought curriculums and canons, gets too emphased will the student never really learn to take, what's conveyed by wikipedias, public servants and the powers to be, with that grain of salt required whenever knowledge is seeked assorbed.

When politicians categorize topics as not debate-able such as say - patriotism, are they saving thier own bacon ...nations might fall, but often will inhabitants continue life/business as usual and only occationaly be the object of ethnic clensing!

What I here refere to is the evolution of Europe from the spanish/portugeese rises into bancrupcy, the dito of the french monacy abrupted by the revolution and then the fall of the napoleonic master plan ...after that the rise off Prussia and finally victorian Englands prosperity - the russian revolution until USA's take over of the world scene.

Allright the number of casualties and deaths caused by these turbulence are immensely high, but as such have the regions never lost thier uniqueness in approaches to ...well everything. Such matters can't be forced thru by neither a pointing gun nor the risk to flunk a certain set of exams. So attemts to raise standards in a more quantiziable way is daft ...learn the students to think independently instead of bribing some into being stereotypes on behalf of others!

Finally should I perhaps make it clear that learning the classics can still convey the ideals I have without requirering an exam to pass. There is a latin expression:

Non Scholae, Sed Vitae Discimus . . .!



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