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Script-worthy Spelling script steps

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but as they stand now it's not possible to use Spelling script steps effectively within loops or for non-interactive use.

I request that the Spelling script steps be expanded so that they can run unattended, for example to allow a batch of records (either fields within record or entire record) to be spell-checked without user intervention, and flagged on a per-record basis for later review.

Along similar lines, it'd be nice to have a clean-up script that uses a custom dictionary to go through a set of records and fix commonly-misspelled terms, for example certain proprietary names, names of chemicals, etc.

Without getting too specific, the Spelling script steps behaviors should be controllable by parameter inputs, should be able to have their dialog boxes suppressed, and should be able to pass their results (i.e. a list of every misspelled term in a field or record, or error codes, etc.) back out to the rest of the script.

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