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Viewing certain files in a Portal

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I have a job management system and for each project file we create there are additional job records which are created as the work on the project progresses. When it comes to invoicing not all of the additional jobs are to be included on the the invoice. We have a field which has a 'yes' or 'no' value on the additional job records which is selected by the user. I have created a portal in the invoice layout which shows all the additional jobs but I only want to show the records with a 'Yes' value - is this possible?

The invoice layout also has other portals for other types of work which does not need to be filtered if this helps?

Can anyone help with suggesting a simple solution?



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The question is if you need to show it in the same portal or not, I'll suggest you make a calc'field in your portal:


This will give your table yet another indexable field which can act as foreignKey for a new TO (table occurrance) ...this is more or less what it takes to make up the sum of the yes'ed if you put an aggregate function over the newly created relation with the new TO. If it should reside in the same layout is your choise!


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Hi, sorry but I can't get this to work? It is still not filtering the information? Is there any chance you can offer some more information?

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