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Devin R

Account:Password in an XML URL

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I'm working on trying to get a small amount of data out of Filemaker through XML using a web browser. Following the little bit of current information for this, I managed to quickly come up with the following URL for what I needed:


With a [Guest] account enabled in FMP, this works just fine.  However, as the databse is also shared on the network, and since this data shouldn't be accessed by everyone, I don't want to leave [Guest] turned on.  Therefor, to handle passwords on files, I found a document that told me to structure the URL like this:


Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be working at all, as soon as I disable the [Guest] access. I made sure that 'account' has full access for the time being and all the extended privileges, but still nothing. Is this format not correct any longer? Is there another way of using some form of login/authentication for this?


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No, this is standard URL format according to RFC 1738.

However, Internet Explorer does not allow to specify name/password combinations in URLs anymore due to security reasons

You may, however, use the same URL without name/password combination, then the browser will ask for the credentials. But if you don't use https, they will be sent in clear text.

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Thanks for the response. I've gotten that dialog box to come up, but unfortunately it presents two problems. The first is that I'm using this url as part of a widget I'm working on, so I can't have it display a box like that, I need it to send the URL and return the result.

The second problem with that dialog box is that it doesn't seem to work. Using my above example in Safari or Firefox, if I had a user setup as Account and Password, I would enter that and the dialog box would immediately pop back up and state that I had entered an incorrect name/password. Any ideas as to why that would be the case?

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