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Filemaker and eBay

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Hi everyone.

I have been doing some small number of sales on eBay and have a small Filemaker Runtime I created on a USB Keyring drive so I can log into my eBay wherever I am and update my sales and such. I recently was able to start uploading 50+ sales per week into eBay and now manually entering these sales into my little runtime is not as quick an "in and out" as it was initially designed to be when I was doing 10 per week.

I am using Turbo Lister 2 to upload my sales onto eBay and right now I am manually capturing the data from my eBay page into my runtime. Is there a way to create a database within Filemaker that will bring the data in from the eBay site directly into a dbase without having to do it manually? Otherwise, I am going to lose track of what is going on very quickly as my current solution seems to chew up hours and hours of my time. I have already found a script here for calculating the eBay fees which will go a long way to free up some time, so holding thumbs for a way to completely streamline the situation.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi again all.

I noticed no one has replied to my message.

Do you all need more information?

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Hi Yaniv,

I think its more that no one has any experience on the topic, but yes, more information would definitley be useful.

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