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Don't think this is possible. . .

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But my mind is very finite.

I'm using a type of security form. In my database called "Web" there resides a bunch of fields for ordering stuff and two fields for Item Owner (the owner of the Item that is being ordered. This is a relational field that cannot be edited through the web, but when an order is placed, it fills out automatically.) and Password.

When trying to enter the restricted area, the user must enter the correct ItemOwner and Password. This is not a problem using the exact search function.


I also have two more fields that need to be searched on during the same search to filter old records out. A Status=New and a field that flags orders when the reach the Maximum Qnty Allowed to Be Ordered (this is a calc field in FM).

So, (this looks confusing), if they get the wrong Owner or Pass i need a DENIED message. BUT, if the Owner and Pass are right but something else doesn't match, i don't want "Denied" I want "There are no new orders" Or whatever.

Not sure where to start, if this is too confusing, let me know what is confusing and i'll try to clear things up



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well, i didn't want to do two steps, but i just thought of a way to make it seem like one step. Problem was, yesterday i was to caught up in march madness that i didn't feel like even trying to work. (see, it's early right now so the mayhem hasn't started, plus my brackets probably pretty much out with a 15 beatin a 2 last night, so i can think again for the next couple of hours)

My head was screwed on backwards. And thus i didn't try.

Kudos to myself again for showing my amature stature. . . wink.gif


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This topic is 8520 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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