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Scheduled Backup to disk image?

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I'm trying to get FileMaker Server 8.0v4, under OS X 10.4.9, to do backups of my database files to a mounted, encrypted disk image. It seems like everything is set up properly, but I'm not getting it to recognize the backup folder as a valid path.

Here's what I've done:

1. created an encrypted disk image

2. mounted the image

3. unchecked "ignore permissions on this volume" (get info on the disk image drive icon)

4. set the entire backup path's permissions to be read+write by group fmsadmin.

5. Entered the correct path in the backup schedule (tried both filemac:/diskName/foldername, and filemac:/Volumes/diskName/foldername )

6. un-mounted and re-mounted the DMG, and quit & restarted filemaker admin for good measure.

I'm stumped. I have no problems getting backups to work on the boot volume, and on another mounted hard drive. But getting it to work on a disk image seems impossible.

Any ideas?

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Does the path end with a slash mark /?

Also, there are some issues with mounyed volumes, but these have usually been external ones.


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Yes, I've tried with and without the trailing slash. I've never had any problems with mounted volumes before, but I've always been using actual external drives (firewire). This is the first time I've tried to backup to a mounted disk image. Odd.

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