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Emma in England

Export to calculated filename

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I have a field which calculates the desired name/path - for instance


- but how do I get Filemaker to save with this name from a script? Up till now it's been saving with a standard name and using Applescript to rename, but I need this to be PC friendly. I tried pasting the field name into the 'Specify Output File' panel, but it took it literally and saved it as the field name, not contents!

I googled this and learned that it was impossible without Applescript - but that was dated 1998, and I'm hoping things have changed!

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Wow, it's odd how often posting a question on a forum causes the answer to appear in some other way... Just after I'd posted this, my shiny used copy of Using Filemaker 8 arrived, and a quick look in the index gave me the answer (using a script variable). And now it works!

Just got to investigate filepaths on PCs now... Looks like a great book.

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