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Delaying an auto-enter-calculation

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Is there a way to delay the auto-enter-calculation of a field or controll the render-order of fields that auto-enter with a calculation.

I want to auto-enter a multikey in a field when I create a record. The first value in that multikey is a value that comes from another auto-enter (monokey) in the same record. The fields are created at the same time but maybe it's possible by delaying the multikey-calc for a milisecond.

I need this because I auto-create these records from different portals The monokey in the record is (automatecally) auto-entered with the data from the related PortalKey so I can see from wich portal the record is created from. I need the MultiKey for another final portal.

I know I can do this when I create the records with a script but it is a challenge (and a littlebit more friendly for the user) to have the records auto-created by the portal.


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Ummm.. What



said :

I'm really confused personally. Can you draw a diagram lol.

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