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New layout thru relationship

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Hello everybody! I'm new to FM, i've been into programming for many years, but nothing such as this. So i really need some tips that can get me on the right way.

I'm designing a database for a medical supplies company, and got stuck on the very beginning.

I have the spanish version, so please understand if some words are not accurate.

I have a table with a lot of fields. Some of them auto-complete themselves if some other field already had that info. To make it clearer: In the Layout1, fieldA=Siemens Sensor, fieldB=RoomH 32-A.

If I enter "Siemens Sensor" in the fieldA of layout 2, the fieldB automaticly fills itself with "RoomH 32-A".

To do that, I created a new table related to the original by fieldA, so the list is stored in table2, and when i'm entering new data on table1, fields auto-complete themselves with the right info.


I want create new layouts on table2, by entering new data on table1, but only if the data was not previously on table2.

An tips on how i can do that?


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You might be able to use field validation in table two to prevent duplicate values in FieldA from being created.

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Yea that's a good way to prevent that, but how can i actually create new layouts on table 2 from entering data on table 1?


Do you mean you want to create new records on table 2?

Sorry, yes i mean records.

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