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KEA Scott

Importing 2 files

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I am trying to import 2 files into the same table. The first file is a list of line items that are distinguished by an order number field then a line item field. Here is what the file looks like.














The second file has the same order number and line item number fields (but not ever line in the line items will be in the option field). The first import works fine. When I try to import the second file matching both the order number and line number it updates nothing. Anyone have an idea. Here is the second data.

9002,2,"ls-minispsin","LS-MINISPSIN","Colors","Silver (+.60)"


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I made a quick database with 6 fields and imported the first file to populate it. Then the 2nd with update matching records checked, and the first 2 fields to match. It worked as I would expect - the




records now hold 'Colors' etc, not '1' and a price.

It seems odd that you are apparently overwriting what look like quantity and price with what looks like text??

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I am not trying to over write fields all data except for the first 2 in each file go into their own fields. We download files for our orders and the system that we use (yahoo stores) breaks out all the information into different files (I have never had a company do this before.

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Okay I am sorry I was tired and not looking at the matching fields. I guess that is what I get for being tired.

Thanks for your help

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