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How one input goes into 2 fields as the same value?

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I want to edit marks of a student. on edit page teacher should edit only mark-1 and so the mark-2 should be the same with mark-1 ( without using script)The teacher is allowed to change only mark-1. He will not see the mark-2. when he presses on submit button mark-2 will be editted with the same value as mark-1.

I used

<input type hidden mark-2=mark-1> but mark-2 takes the previous value of the mark-1


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Yes at first it looks like that it can be done with calculations. but the mark-2 will be editted later buy using local scripts or will be editted individually ( for some reasons ). so it is not possible to use calculation.

I can not put on the record detail page both mark-1 and mark-2 because users may input different values ( I can not rely on them ).

The only thing I need one input field should go into two different fields as the same value. Or I will change it to calculation by using another field and comparision in my calculation according to another control field but that will make the program over load ( yes that will be small action but think about hundreds of calculation. I have to be away from calculation as much as possible ).And also am I right in thinking like that ?


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Use a redirect page in between the form page and the results page.

So the person submits the form, it goes to a second page that has a redirect url that edits the record just created and adds in the url

mark-1=[fmp-field: mark-1]&mark-2=[fmp-field: mark-1]&-recid=[fmp-currentrecid]&-edit

Make the format file the results page that you have now and voila, you have both fields filled with the same data


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ok.. just use a little javascript.. it will work wonders..

in the head of the document put this code..




function sync()


document.FORMNAME["mark-2"].value = document.FORMNAME["mark-1"].value




then put an onSubmit event handler in your form tag

<form name="FORMNAME" action="FMPRO" onSubmit="sync()">

you could also use and onChange or OnKeyUp event handler on the mark-1 text box, instead of the onSubmit in the form tag.. see which you like better

on Chage would look like this

<input name="mark-1" type="text" onChange="sync()">

and onKeyUp would look like this

<input name="mark-1" type="text" onKeyUp="sync()">

this should work.. if it doesnt let me know i may have made the call to the form fields wrong.. i forget exactly how to do it when the tag name has non-standard charaters in it (such as a hyphen "-"). but it should work.. let me know..

also make sure to change FORMNAME to the name of your form

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This topic is 8500 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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