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Badger GK57

Some fields won't print

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I have a table that used to print as a single page on my previous printer (Epson 6600). I can select the same fields but all that prints now on my HP 4mv is the first half of all the fields. I do not know how to get the remaining ones to print. After selecting them in the file/define database/fields dialog, there seems not to be a way to save the selection; pressing PRINT reverts to the first group of fields. I guess FM does not have the neat "fit to page" feature of Excel spreadsheets. If this is addressed in the HELP file for FM7, I have not been able to find it.

It occurs to me that a page break might work, but I really need to find the way to select the desired fields and have the choice stick.

Grateful for suggestions.


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Cheak the page setup for the new printer.

FMP layout's don't resize. You may need to redesign the page.

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