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Chris C

FileMaker "open remote" is very slow...

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We are using FileMaker Server 7 or 8 (don't remember) to serve FM7 files to other computers in our office via a little switchboard...

We host our website on our own server at the office and filemaker database files are located on that "server"...

When we use "open remote" to open our database, it brings up the box with the IP address of our server and we click out database...

I was wondering if this is opening the file really "remotely", as in over the internet. It loads extremely slow! Shouldn't I be able to server the databases over the internal network? How do I choose to connect to filemaker internally?

Sorry if this is a stupid question!



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We have a cable modem/router and a 10/100 switch... From the cable modem/router, one cable goes directly to the server to give it a static IP... another cable goes from the cable modem/router to the switch to give all the computers in the office dynamic IP's (we use DHCP)... There is essentially no firewall as of now (we are still setting everything up).

Do you think we are getting the slow speeds because the users have to go through the cable modem/router to get to the server?

The server has an extra ethernet port in the back... I could plug that directly into the switch... would the user computers then automatically bypass the modem/router and go directly to the server?

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