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Counting Related Records

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I've got two tables, a Client table and a table that stores changes to the services that they subscribe to. What I am looking for is a field in the clients table that stores the number of records in the changes table that have a field set to 'N'.

I set up two new fields in the clients table. One is where I want to have the count, the other is a Global that contains the value 'N'. For the count, I'm using: Count ( Changes::posted_to_clients )I've also set up a new relationship between the two tables where the keys are Clients::client# equal to Changes::client# AND Clients::globalvalue equal to Changes::posted_to_clients.

When I set this up in one database as a test using 0 and 1 for the posted_to_clients field, it appears to work. Unfortunately this is a legacy system and the current values in the posted_to_clients field are 'Y' and 'N'. Is there a reason why this won't work because it appears to fail. I've tested with both 8.5 and with 9 and get the same results.

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Hi Steve

It would appear that one of the fields (I suspect the global) is a field with a result of number rather than text. That might explain why it works with 1 and 0 but not 'n'



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