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Aussie John

vista and runtime - mail script

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Hi I have a windows runtime with a script to create an email and attach the usr file.

I tested it on XP and it seems to work but vista only brings up the email occasionally.

Any thing I can try in vista settings ( normally a mac user) or is this possibly a bug in vista.


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Are you creating the runtime on Vista or the XP machine? I would try creating the runtime on Vista.

What version of Vista are you creating or running the runtime on? If you are using 8.5 rather than 9, you have to be on Ultimate, or atleast that is what FileMaker tested on I believe. In this case, you may need to upgrade to 9 to create runtime solutions that work properly on Vista.

I would strongly suggest contacting tech support and see what they think or if they have encountered any other problems like this with Vista.

I had a few Vista machines (one Home Premium and two Ultimate) and they were all kinds of fussy with FileMaker so I just gave up on vista.

Although, I do now have a copy of 9 Advanced on a vista ultimate machine, and it seems to be working right so far ;)

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The runtime was created in vista but I am using the home basic version. Maybe that is the problem.

I just upgraded to 8.5- about a week before the free upgrade cutoff!!

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