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Different Out of Memory printing problem

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Software: Windows Server 2003, FM Server 8.0v4, Clients: FMP 8.0v3

Client machines: mixed Win XPs, iMac/eMac Power PC G4s, Intel Macs

Printers: HP 1300s (16 MB RAM)

Problem: While printing a report, the G4s (OS X.4.9 and 4.10) get an “Out of Memory” message. This doesn’t happen on the Windows or Intel Mac machines – they consistently print fine. Printing the report is not scripted. Users go to File>Print from Preview mode. Reports can be 2-30 pages in length.

Large Word docs (and other apps) print normally from the G4s, but they won’t print the FM report which includes a title header, a header, two sub-summaries, a body and a footer. No images, only text.

Tried printing from the file locally on the G4s and still got the Out of Memory message. Why do the G4s fail to print while the Intel Mac and Win XP machines print perfectly?

I hope you can help! TIA

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There are known issues when printing to certain printers with certain fonts on the Mac with FM 7 & 8. Changing the fonts may resolve the issue. See knowledge base answer# 5545 on filemaker.com for details.

In our case, replacing our older HP printers and changing the fonts resolved the problems.

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