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Converting Non USA Dates?

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When I import records from a distributor, if the country field is not USA, the days and months are reversed in the date fields.

Instead of mm/dd/yyyy

I get dd.mm.yyyy

I have two sets of date fields for every record I import, a start date and a closing date. And the non USA dates are made with periods instead of slashes.

can I set a script or something so that if it says USA in one field, it doesn’t change the two date fields? but if it does NOT say USA in that field, it switches the dd.mm.yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy in both of the date fields for that record?

right now i'm just looking them up and doing a batch replace, but i bet there might be a way to do it when I'm importing the records.

Thanks! Adam

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I think it would require a seperate text field for the import. It would definately require that the data you are importing is consistent. FM7 example attached that uses import fields and auto-enter calculations.


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It worked exactly perfect. I tested it alone, and now i'm going to bring those calculation fields you made into my database.

Luckily the information I get is very consistent. A robot from the distributor sends the information, so humans like me won't be able to make typos.

Sorry I take a while to reply after you nice people offer your help. I just go out of town a lot, and i don't take filemaker on the road with me.

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