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Attempting to Develop Knowledgebase

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Hi. I'm new to this forum and a novice to Filemaker. I have build a few simple database solutions but now am trying to expand my skills by creating a Knowledgebase, to be used in a business environment.

First off, have any of you ever developed or seen a knowledgebase created with FileMaker? I have searched the web, looking for an instance where FileMaker was used to create a knowledgebase, and hopefully look at a screen shot or two, but I can't seem to find any examples.

Secondly, I have already created the input form where the user can input a question or statement, and the same user, or others via Instant Web Publishing, can contribute to the answer or explanation. That's all working fine.

Now, I want to create a special "Search" view that provides the user with a way to enter keywords and select a category and sub-category as the search criterion. I am thinking that I want to do this in a List layout so that the resulting found set can be displayed as a list for the user to review, and make each found "Topic" clickable so the user can be taken to a third layout that looks like plain white paper with black text (trying for a typed page look) that lays out the entire archive record.

I know how I want the interface to look and function. I'm just looking for the best approach and was hoping all you smart folks could point me in the right direction.

Many thanks.

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