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BreAnna Porter


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I have two layouts, and I would like to be able to combine them into another layout that will list information from both.

In one of the tables, teachers are able to evaulated the student's attitudes about various topics, in another table it holds the grading information, for each level, and the individual classes.

since each teacher is allowed to input their opinion of the student's attitudes I have created a summary field, which takes the average of the opinions for each level. The layout shows the class, the teacher, and their scores and at the bottom the average scores for that level.

On the other layout it shows the overall grade for the level, the individual grades for each class(basically its a transcript)

I would like to be able to create a coversheet that would list information from both reports as a summary

such that I would list what the average attitude scores per level, and the grades for that level.

I have learned that summary fields are position sensitive.

I have tried to write a statement

getsummary(studentscores::averagepart;course ID)and have placed that in a subsummary part in the report sorted by course ID...

however, it isnt giving me the correct answer. In fact its not giving me anything.

So my question would be how to place a sub summary field from one table into a layout based on another table?

Thanks a bunch,


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