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trouble with LinkRecID

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i have a search results page which is working just fine. The problem is that I'm trying to provide a link for each retrieved record. This link would provide more in depth information. However, when I test the link, I only get the first portion of the page, but none of the field will show. Here's my code for the link. Maybe I'm missing something...

[FMP-RECORD] <b>[FMP-FIELD: Category]</b><BR>

[FMP-PORTAL: event] <a href="[FMP-LinkRecID: format=detail.htm]">[FMP-FIELD:

event: laugh.gif" border="0ate]</a>--[FMP-FIELD: event::Course]--[FMP-FIELD: event::Location]<BR>



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I have record detail links in portal records........I just use standard URL record links i don't use FMP-LinkRecID (obviously as i use Lasso wink.gif" border="0)........why would you want to use cold fusion?:: buy lasso quicker and soooo much easier to use!!

laugh.gif" border="0laugh.gif" border="0


[Portal: 'relationship']

<a href="Action.lasso?-database=databasename&-layout=layout&-response=responsepage.lasso&-operator=eq&myexactmatchfield=[Field: 'relationship::myexactmatchfield']&-operator=eq&myotherexactmatchfield=[Field: 'relationship::myotherexactmatchfield']&-operator=eq&regno=[Field: 'relationship::regno']&-Search">[Field: 'relationship::regno']</a>



the syntax is a little different with CDML but it will work

laugh.gif" border="0

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This topic is 8382 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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