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add record do contactLog of each found record

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hi there!

in my db solution we have a layout displaying data from a contact table (address, name, etc.) and form the contactLog table.

what I need is the following:

I'm doing a find within the contacts and then I want to add a new record to the contactLog of each of the found contacts with the exactly same content.

example: I'm putting together to print their address labels out for a mailing. I want to add to the Log of each of these contacts that Mailing x on day y was made.

How can i make it easy for my db users to do this?

Thanks for your help


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There are few ways that you can get away with this.

One is to make a looping script that starts on the first records of your found set, either declared that message as a global variable or passes it as a parameter, performs a sub script that adds a related record in the log file with the global/param to the new records. Returns to the original found set, and either omits or moves to the next record, exiting after last. This can be a little sloppy because you could get some screen flickering if you don't control the windows properly.

Another, smarter way could be to create a couple of variables in the Contact file;

-one that holds the Primary Key ID #'s of the entire found set as a List, using something like the List or ValueList() function.

-the other holds the message.

Go to the other log file, and use the same logical looping script there, with each iteration setting the first, or last id to the F_key and making the list smaller by one.

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