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cdml -script tag and the workaround

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This past April I announced that I had completed work on and was making available "SIMPLIFY, Custom Publishing Basics for FMPro Solutions A Browser Demonstration of html/cdml" as a basic demonstration of many of the cdml tags, how they are embedded in html, and their effects on format files and database files. It also offers a very useful "Developer's Tool" which is highly adaptable to meet the developer's needs. This is not a book, but a development which you load into your machine and run on a fake lan.

Finally, because I had developed the demonstration originally using ScriptMaker scripts (and at the time I began the development I was unaware of the single-thread problem), the last thing I had to do was develop a workaround to the problems caused by the single-threaded engine of FileMaker Pro 4.0 and 5.0. It was either that or reconstruct the entire method of approach I had taken. I am a developer. I decided to try to meet the challenge of a workaround. I met the challenge successfully.

After offering "SIMPLIFY ...", there were questions raised about my claim of success of a workaround. It was suggested that I find a way I could show this workaround on the web. At that time, early April, I had just completed "SIMPLIFY ...". I was in the process of dealing with the termination of a ~15 year personal relationship. I had used all of my scant resources during the authorship of the demonstration. I was about to move, and I knew not where at that time. I had no capital/assets left. I was (and still am) in debt. My life was totally disrupted.

I am presently living on the beneficence of a couple of truly great friends. I am without a car, without insurance of any kind; I am in debt and and my credit is ruined. Heck (putting it politely), I don't even own the copyright to that original work as a result of all this.

But I am quite determined. I am, after all, a developer of FileMaker Pro.

I have been given a used Mac by another fine friend. (That and fours days worth of clean clothes, a tooth brush and a razor consist of my entire assets.) I have been able to recover much of my earlier work and tools. I am not far from living under an overpass. I AM serious.

I have worked with FileMaker for 9 years and my total income from FileMaker work is $50 (since spent), which I have managed to acquire since moving to Northern Arizona. Sure, some of my postings have been off base. Many of my over 300 posts to these web/cdml forums have helped many people. I have received email thankyous from all over the world. I must know something.

As my postings of the past few days have indicated, I have written and just completed testing a browser demonstration of the workaround. This is designed to be put on the web so the FileMaker developer community can test it for themselves and see that it does allow intelligently written scripts to be run successfully over the multiuser environment of the web .

This demo allows interested parites using the browser or browsers of their choice to try to make multiple submissions in a near-simultaneous manner on either the same or different scripts. The method of making multiple submissions is explained in the demonstration. This way you, the FileMaker developer, can challenge the workaround.

Besides working this out on a fake lan, as I have posted I have tested this on a couple of occasions over the web using my Mac as server, a neighbor's Mac and another neighbor's PC as clients to confirm what I have known all along... The results are postive. The workaround, when used with intelligently constructed scripts, solves the two-fold problem previously mentioned.

The thing is, of course, I have no money to put this on the web so that the FileMaker developer community can see that the workaround does work by testing it themselves. Nor can I tie up my friends' phone line with web sharing so that the community can test it.

So here is the question. Is there anyone who is participating on this forum who hosts FileMaker web sites and who would consider hosting this workaround demonstration for a one month period - gratis?

Advertising your hosting service can be included on every page (but no JavaScript or css). This demo is written in FMPro 4.0v3. Not counting Web Security.fp3, the demonstration uses 9 db files of which 5 require web sharing. The rest operate in the background running subscripts. It has 21 format files. It is illustrated with .gifs. The solution does not require or use JavaScript, stylesheets or any other languages. Just the very basic html/cdml necessary with FMPro4.0v3 to run a successful web site which includes intelligently written scripts and a workaround to the single-thread problem.. SIMPLIFY ...

If you are so situated as a host and are willing to help in this way, please contact me by email "Keith" <[email protected]>.

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Hey I am working on setting up a FM server on my mac. if you know any sites to help me and basic info on that it would be great once I get it set up you are more than welcome to use my server( in a few months). it won't be 24 hr's cause I still need to work, but I can set it up with a little info for ya if you want.

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This topic is 8331 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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