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FM9 Recover - consistency check failed

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I have 3 files that were reported as having a consistency check failure in the event log when Fm9 Server ran the Scheduled Backup. I can open and use them but I am worried they are corrupted.

FM Article 6509 says I can use "Recover" in FM9.

Does anyone know if FM9 Recover has been updated and now usable for a true recovery?

Here is the exact error log description:

Schedule "FM9 Hourly Snapshots" consistency check failed on backup of database "Invoices". (805)

Thanks, I don't want to go through a long recovery process if the new Recover works.

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Close the files in FM Server.

Open them with FM Pro and save a compressed copy (using the Save a Copy As... command, specifying compressed copy).

Try opening these files in FM Server. Hopefull they'll be OK.

Only if they are still broken should you try Recover. The recover command's aim is to recover data, and it does so at the expense of layouts, scripts etc. A recovered file might have "bits" of script or layout missing so it should not be put back into "production". Instead, import the recovered data into a known-good backup copy of the file.

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So I'm having a similar problem but it appears that it's only the back up file that fails the "consistency check". I can open and close the served file with out error. I've pulled the served off and put it back on with out error. The back up files open fine (no error) in the client and appear fine when open. The database is ~3GB and stores a fair amount of image data. I'm starting to wonder if this is a bug in the back up process

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I have the same problem, I have an scheduler backup every day. All previous backups working fine, but today I get the message "Consistency check failed on backup of database". any body know how to know the reason of the "Consistency check failed" ? In the log files don't appears the reason.

thank you in advance

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This topic is 5777 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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