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[FMP-InlineAction] information

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I have read dozens of posts pertaining to [FMP-InlineAction] and I still am fuzzy on how it works. Examples make it real. Would any of you experienced folks have a minute to post how [FMP-InlineAction] has solved a problem for you or situations where you should turn to it for a solution? I'm sure others would be interested too. I want that lightbulb over my head to light up!! Thanks!

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InLines are processed by page flow. In theory you can have unlimited number of InLines.

That is really beautiful stuff. I did log for all possible actions in our existing PR portal for Press.

With InLine it took me less then hour to redo all 25 HTML pages inclusive of tests.

I've inserted single line in page:

[FMP-InlineAction: -db=log.fp5, IDv={CurrentToken: 7}, -New] [/FMP-InlineAction]

This line creates new record in database LOG and records identity of visitor from CurrentToken.


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I'm using inline actions on our services site home page at http://www.william-reed.net

the 'latest news/more news' is a FileMaker search return and portal from two datebases, whilst the 'hot production tips' is an inline action from a completely different one. On the Intranet (Internal) side, there are three separate Inlines down the right hand side, and it still works a treat. The speed is OK with about 250 users having the Intranet version marked as their home page.

The code for the Inline is:

[FMP-InlineAction: -DB=mydatabase, type="top_tip_external", -max="6", -Find]


<A HREF="mydomain.com591/knowledgesharef/FMPro?-db=mydatabase&-format=record_detail.htm&-error=search_error.htm&-lay=layout1&-op=eq&title=[FMP-FIELD:title]&-find"><FONT SIZE="-2" COLOR="#333333">[FMP-FIELD: title]</FONT></A><FONT SIZE="-2"><BR>



Once you've started using them, Inlines are really useful, though I've found some limitations.


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Hi, well since I wrote that I've been using the inline actions more and I'm discovering that the limitations are mostly me being dumb!

Once you begin to get used to the slightly different syntax for writing, for instance, a find-and-sort, then you can do pretty much what you like. An example is that it took me all afternoon to figure out how to get an inline action to return a 'greater than' value. It's not very well documented!

I've just used pages with inline actions to return a portal list in an HTML page in columns across the page. I'd been trying to make it work with all sorts of other ideas including javascripts for months on and off and it turns out to be very easy using inlines and the 'skip' command.

regards, Jeff

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This topic is 8314 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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