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BaseElements 1.6 now features Comparison Reporting

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Goya Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the release of BaseElements 1.6.

BaseElements 1.6 now includes a customisable, fully searchable comparison report, allowing you to document changes between two versions of your FileMaker solution.

The BaseElements comparison report has a lot of flexibility with the option to control the scope of the report. You can compare two versions of your solution, or just a single file in each version. You can choose which parts of the solution you want to compare, for example, just comparing table and field definitions, or just script changes, or everything all at once.

The resulting report is fully searchable, and includes links to the specific items, giving you control over the data generated. This allows developers to search across the change reports, finding for example every new script in every changed version, and then linking to all of those new scripts in one click. And as well as being searchable, the comparison report can also printed and exported.

What else is new in version 1.6?

- Completed the setup work for language translations.

- Added a GTRR button for ValueLists used by fields.

- Added a GTRR button for Custom Menu Items that are calling Scripts.

- Changes the way ValueLists are referenced by fields so that they're only referenced when the field formatting explicitly uses them.

"I am loving BaseElements and am using it all the time. Apart from the script debugger in FMP Advanced, it is my favorite development tool." - Daniel Kaan

About BaseElements:

BaseElements is a FileMaker developer tool to analyze and document FileMaker database solutions. BaseElements provides a cross reference of every element in a solution and helps developers find and fix errors, track issues, document changes, and plan future development.

BaseElements is an essential tool for anyone who works in FileMaker Pro as it helps you make decisions about the effects of changes before they're made, document those changes, and provide tacit alerts if something is broken.

BaseElements is available as both standalone fp7 files or as a Runtime application. The XSLT code to import the data is included and free for personal use as part of the license to BaseElements.

Licensing Options:

This is a free update for existing license holders of BaseElements 1.0.

A single user license of BaseElements is US$499, and multiple user license is US$1299. With the multiple user license, developers may use a copy of BaseElements on a FileMaker server among multiple developers, or as single user version or both at the same time.

Also during the FileMaker DevCon, BaseElements is available for 20% off by using the coupon code "devcon2007" on the website when purchasing. This special ends August 9. FMPug members can also access an additional discount using the promotion code available in their members page or from the FMPug booth at devcon.

Developers may try BaseElements completely unlocked for 30 days using the registration code available on the website.

Goya Pty Ltd: http://www.goya.com.au

BaseElements: http://www.goya.com.au/baseelements

Download BaseElements: http://www.goya.com.au/download

Purchase BaseElements: http://www.goya.com.au/purchase

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This topic is 6164 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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