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Providing online data services with Fmpro

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I'm developing a web based solution that requires to publish data at certain intervals from my filemaker database. I with the refresh tag but the hole page contains 6 databases related to a master database that display the hole information. It looks as a portal with news, quotes, reports, and a ticker that display some online quotes. My problem is that I want to display this online quotes in real time, avoiding the user to refresh the hole page . One solution is to make a frame for the ticker, but if I have more than 100 users for example online that means for this purpose they will perform 100 request per minute and as all of you know Filemaker isn't multithreaded. So the application will be busy and other users won't be able to perform other actions. I want to know if there is a inline action or a javascript that can retrieve this information from my database from the client side avoiding to refresh the hole page.

I hope some of you understood my problem



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I'm trying to avoid the use of the refresh meta tag because it will refresh the hole page and also all databases that are related to my master database. Thinking abou my problem, I requiere a javascript that retrieves the information on certain interval, and refresh only the information that I need to display online.


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RE: 100 request per minute...

FileMaker will handle that probably. But that is very vague 100 requests per minute. Is that based on 100 visitors doing refresh? Then it is not 100 requests, because it will spread across the refresh time.

I will also a bit oppose Vaughan smile.gif" border="0

With iFrame (does will not work in NN4.x) you can do it. The code is simplest thing in HTML see http://www.didi.cz/test/iframe1.html

The main page is refreshing in 1 minute; the iFrame(d) page is refreshing in 10 seconds.

So you will put all your static data in page and in iFrame you will put all your FM data which needs to be refreshed.

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Thanks a lot about your idea of using iframe, I didn't know tht they were able to use within filemaker. This will prevent the use of refreshing a hole page with the other data.

do you know where can I find information about the parameters of iframe?



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Wow. I understand.

The NN4.x incompatibility is easy to work around: create two pages, one with iframes and one without, then use an [if] statement to check browser versions and deliver the appropriate page.

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You can do it in JS or this will work as well:


[FMP-If: ClientType .cn. MSIE] iFrame stuff [FMP-ElseIf] non iFrame [/FMP-if]

That will take care about IE and NN. You should also separate NN4 and NN6.

Vaughan -- again simple and effective smile.gif" border="0

[ October 18, 2001: Message edited by: Anatoli ]

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This topic is 8309 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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