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scripts in repeating fields

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Hi, I have this problem:

I have repeating fields with pop-up list with e.g.drugs, group, cost and anmount. After choosing in drugs, values for group, cost and anmnout are looked-up.

And I want next:

after confirm by button, i want to e.g. copy SELECTED to another field in another layout. my problem is next: i need script which look from 1st to last repetition of the field and if it is not empty do something.

And second problem:

if there is a drug from group e.g.1, the script would copy this drug to another repeating field on next free position (my problem: i dont know how to tell him, that im trying to paste something in the first FREE repetition of repeating field).

i have version 5.

thanks a lot for any hints.

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i have version 5

Nothing is halfway the way it should be, only people on fm2.1 could expect to some kind of guidance to this problem. Ever since fm3.0 have the tool perhaps much to your surprise been relational and the issues mentioned should be solved like Ender suggest in this thread:


...and I would go as far as to say - only the later is a valid option!

I have a question for you, are you fixing the inadequacies the starter templates following the opening of the tool, which are ridden with too flatish approaches?? Because then could you be excused to some extend!


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okay, i need this, and if you write me better idea which can i make in my FM, i would done it, because im also tired of repeating fields, but:

i have file with drugs database (contains name, cost, form, etc)

i have file with pacients. i need to make bill for pacient.

there i have repeating field, beacuse i maybe use 20, maybe 30 drugs (its real situation, not "maybe once"). the first field is pop-up list with names (by relation) of drugs. by choosing a drug, next fields - cost, form - is looked-up. i just add an anmnount.

Then when I have bill, i need to copy each drug to pacients card in the field diagnoses, edit store and print a bill, after all of this i will clear the form.

okay, uf, i have almost all of these conditions, only thing is, that i have it for only 5 repetitions (for testing) and im frightend of making 40 duplications of part of script with changing numbers of repetition, so if you have better solution, i welcome!!!! :0)

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It's not really as if I have special ideas here, but instead an established way of dealing with billing software, based on Boyce & Codd's normalizations.

Since you're on FM5 could you tear this template apart. It also contains a way of dealing with sets/assemblies!



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This topic is 6133 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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