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Repeating lookup field not looking up records

Manuel W.

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I have two database files, the first contains a layout which is similar to an invoice. The other contains one table which has all my inventory. Records are very simple-- an Inventory # in one field, and some other fields such as Description, Location, etc.

In the invoice form, I have the fields set up as repeating fields. When I type the Inventory # into the line 1 Inventory # field and hit Tab, the rest of the fields in line 1 lookup just fine and fill themselves in. However the remaining 6 repeating lines do not fill in!

I have a relationship defined between the two databases, specifically between the "Inventory #" fields on both. The inventory database can create records in the invoice database but not the other way around. The remaining fields in my invoice database are lookup fields.

Why is only the first line performing lookups? What more information do you need to know? I know this can work because I copied the layout almost verbatim from another FM db which I have on my computer, it works fine in there and I don't see any obvious differences.





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Hello, Manuel,

I'm rowing the exact same boat at the moment re: repeating field lookups. Same problem, first field works great and none works after that.

Have you found a solution? I'll keep digging myself and post back if I come up with anything.

Kind Regards,


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With the introduction of fm7, was this changed ... and the move was correct, everyone with a lookup issue such as prices in an invoice need to have a normalized structure:


Because the benefits are so overwhelming, say when someone needs to make some kind of statistics - is it much much easier with discrete records in a related table.


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This topic is 6120 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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