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Need help with multi-user modification timestamp comparison

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Hi there,

I have a solution in which a handful of users perform actions on the same record frequently. I'd like to create a way to report on the modifications that have been made to a record since the current user's last review of that record.

I started to create a prototype of how I'd like to compare record modification and record review timestamps in order to show ONLY those modifications that have occurred since the logged-in user's last review of that particular record.

Please see the attached file.. I've started but am not sure how to get to the last step... which is, displaying a portal on the right-most tab on the Records layout.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


p.s. I tried posting this already but wasn't able to access the post so am posting it again.. it seems the previous one had some sort of error


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p.s. I would like to eventually list these records in some form of list view, and indicate which records have updates by using some little visual.. so that it is almost like an Email Inbox, with Unread records in boldface, popping to the top of the list. So, out of 1000 or so records in the database, the logged-in user will know they have to deal with only those that have had modifications made to them.

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I was able to build a way to indicate IF there is updated material since the logged-in user's review of the record they're viewing.. however, (see attached).. simply by creating a field that compares the max of the user's review records to the max of modifications made by other users to that record .. however, I'm still not sure how to display WHICH modifications have taken place since the user's most recent review of that record...


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This topic is 6120 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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