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Label printing issue


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Greetings all,

I have an issue with printing "two-up" labels on a Zebra 2844 TT printer. The label has 5 lines of text. All the text is well within margins. Page setup points to correct printer and label template, Across, then Down, and Fixed Margins unchecked.

The issue is the first pair of labels print okay. The second label pair prints the fifth line one line low so the last line of text ends up on the non-print area. The third pair is skipped altogether. The remaining records print okay until the end. All the records are printed - i.e. no record is skipped, just the second and third pair of labels is wasted.

My work-around has been to insert dummy records at the beginning of each print cycle. It's a waste but at least I get all the records printed correctly.

Since I do a lot of one-off printing, there is considerable waste as each label cost $.05/label.

Any help or guidance would be most appreciated.


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This sounds like a label alignment problem. These are usually fixed by making minute adjustments to the layout: change the header to adjust the position of the first row of labels; change the width of the body part if the subsequent rows creep up or down.

Always work on a copy of the layout so you can roll-back the changes.

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I see that you are listed as intermediate skill level and I don't wish to insult you by stating something you may have tried, but when you say that you have played with heights, have you done this in layout mode, dragging the bottom of the body up and down. This has worked for me in the past. Even if the initial label setup was correct, this adjustment is often need to perfect the layout.

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This topic is 6109 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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