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FM Unlimited 6.0.2 - How do we switch to FM 9 Advanced and still host our HTML online questionnaire?


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We currently used FM Unlimited 6.0.2 running on an Intel Mac Mini with OS 10.4.10. We host 3 html questionnaires with FM Unlimited that when submitted are received into 3 FM databases, one for each different questionnaire. The fields are named the same in the html web interface of the questionnaire as the fields in the receiving databases.

We have never been able to figure out with FM 8 Advanced (which we were told replaced FM Unlimited 6.0.2) how to convert our current setup, in fact, we asked, and were told FM 8 Advanced didn't do what we were doing with FM Unlimited 6.0.2. So we are still running our businesses with the 3 html online questionnaires in the older FM Unlimited 6.0.2. Its been ok, we've had to convert the imported questionnaires to FM 7 or 8 before they can be imported into the database that we keep them in and work with them permanently. We have had fairly stable, good interface with this solution so we haven't pushed the upgrade but we are now experiencing, within the last 2 months, a lot of crashes with FM Unlimited 6.0.2. So with the release of FM 9 Advanced, we are asking if our original setup described above in FM Unlimted 6.0.2 can be done with the latest release of FM 9 Advanced?

Can what we are asking be achieved in FM 9 Advanced? We're looking to be pointed in the right direction, we understand that we may have to (but would like to avoid) coming up with a different setup of how we currently host our questionnaire online with FM Unlimted 6.0.2.

Can we host our html questionnaire (that we currently host with FM Unlimited 6.0.2) in FM 9 Advanced or do we have to start from scratch and redo the whole questionnaire so it will work in FM 9?

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At the very least, patch up to 6.0v4.

You've got two jobs: to convert the FMP files, and to convert the CDML web pages.

From memory FMS 8 came with a CDML converter that worked well for sites of moderate complexity. However they still may need some tweaking.

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This topic is 6110 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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