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From FM6 to FM8

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Hi Guys,

I have around 100 related FMPro 6 files...which i need to migrate to FMPro 8 v2.

Should i put these all under 1 hood in FMPro 8?

Also, whats the best way to go about this?

I was thinking simply open the 'mother' FMPro 6 db file in FMPro 8...thus giving me the db in FMPro 8.

Then do the same with all other dbs and import the newly creatred FMPro 8 files in to the 'Mother' FMPro 8 file?

Your thoughts?

Thanks in advance

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"Then once migrated check file refs"

No no no. Do as *much* cleanup as you can in FMP 6 before conversion. Read the data migration document.

Use Metadata Magic to cleanup the file references. Buy it if you have to, it's worth it just for this.

Go through every script in every file and make sure that processes that edit records end with Exit Record/Request.

Fix dodgy fieldnames and relationship names.

Check scripts and functions that have file names hard-coded in them: the extensions will change after conversion.

Make sure that passwords in the files are all lower case, or at least what you expect them to be (passwords are case-insensitive in FMP 6, not so after conversion).

Complex passwords and groups systems will need to be completely redone. This can be simplified greatly by ensuring that they are all consistently named in all the files, and even better by removing and consolidating them before conversion.

Then do a quick conversion to see how much is still broken, then chuck it out and go back and fix it up in the FMP 6 files again. Rinse and repeat.

Time you spend on pre-conversion cleanup will repay itself many times over.

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This topic is 6103 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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