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CWP File Attachment Solution


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I have developed an Inner Office Memo System with FMP v8 Server Advanced. The solution’s FMP back-end DB is on the server and the front-end GUI is served up by the Custom Web Publisher (CWP) in XML/XSLT technologies. I’m trying to implement a better file attachment functionality to my Custom Web Published front-end. I am currently using an ASP/FTP solution that provides end-users access to file attachments from a particular Memo. I’m not thrilled with using the FTP protocol to access file attachments but, perhaps ASPUPLOAD can give me a better way to deal with attachment handling. Another problem with my file attachment solution is that there’s no way to tell if there is any existing file attachments for a particular memo unless the user clicks the link in the memo that initiates an ASP script. I have a VB Script that can traverse the windows file system of attachments on the server and output the directory structure in XML. I can access that directory structure (XML document) from the XSLT document() function, find a match, and render any existing file attachment information with text or icons. The problem is trying to find a way to run the VB Script remotely from the CWP front-end. Is there any way to accomplish that?

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This topic is 6061 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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