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I have a report with a sub-summary. The field x is in the body and I want a field in the sub-summary that sums the values of x displayed. However, I cannot use a sub-summary field to total x, as x exists in a different table to the one the report is included in.

I could use a lookup to bring x into the required table, but I need a simpler solution as this is a task for high school students who need not know about lookup fields.

Any ideas?

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Basicly do you make subsummary reports in the relational end of the matters where the most atomic data exisits. However could this be a little tricky with the version you're on, since GTRR(FS) haven't arrived yet. So if you make a found set in the parents table do you need to gather all the primary key values, put them in a global field in the children table and relate the global to the foreign keys, and then fire the GTRR(SO) over there instead in the selfjoin to establish a found set belonging the found set of parent records.

Then is it smooth sailing with subsummary reports, remember that the field values from the parent records are availiable just by referencing them on the layout.

If you should be lost in my weird way of putting my words, poke into:



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This topic is 6075 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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