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fm6 and asp.net via odbc???

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hello i have a very big problem,

we've got a solution written in fm6 pro and the solution is restricted permissions that means that each fm-file of the solution restricts the user who was logged in without password not to gain the full access of this file.

what i wanted to do is make simple sql-query from an web app (asp.net 2.0) to the fm6. this seems to work fine as long as the 'default' user (without password) has full access/permision to the file. when the access to the file is restrited i'm able to access the file but the resultset is empty.

i tried to work arround this problem using the webcompanion with the same result. somehow i'm not able to declare the user and password in the odbc-connection or the xml-query. also i failed with my tries of getting 'positive' results by using the jdbc-driver (wasn't even able to return a simple sql statement).

i'm desperatly searching for a solution (unfortunately i've to work with fm pro 6 on windows and i have to admit that i've got almost no knowledge about fm)...any help would be appreciated!!!


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This topic is 6069 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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