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Conditional Value List??


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I’m very inexperienced with FileMaker and hopefully I can get some help here.

I have 3 color families:

- Blue

- Yellow

- Black

The each color family has different shades. For example, for the Blue family: Lite Blue, Lite Aqua. For the Yellow family: Lite Yellow, Pale Lemon. For the Black family: Lite Charcoal, Grey.

Each color family has a range of color numbers:

- Yellow ranges from 2000 - 2999

- Blue ranges from 5000 - 5999

- Black ranges from 9000 - 9999

I have created 2 tables. The ColorData table and the ColorFamily table.

ColorData has 3 fields:

- Color Name

- Color Family

- Color Number

ColorFamily lists all the color numbers, Yellow: 2000 – 2999, Blue: 5000 – 5999, Black: 9000 – 9999. ColorFamily has 2 fields:

- ColorNumber

- ColorFamily

In the ColorData layout, I can create records of color names corresponding with the color family and color number. For example: Lite Yellow, Yellow, 2000. Or, Lite Charcoal, Black, 9010.

I have created a conditional value list, called RelatedColorNumber, so that when a color family selected, only the corresponding range would appear. To create the RelatedColorNumber value list I have created a relationship between the ColorFamily and ColorData tables, linking the ColorFamily fields.

I would like to modify the value list so that when a color number is picked, it will not show in the drop down list. For example, when I create a new record with the Black color family, 9010 will no longer show in the drop down list, since Lite Charcoal, Black, 9010, has been created.

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This topic is 6072 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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