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Setting Up FM Server 9 for IWP

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Hi All,

I have installed and setup FM Server 9 adv...databases all being hosted ok.

One of the dbs i have setup is for IWP...which worked fine when just running from FM 8 Pro Adv. I could access via the web. But now i need to host this via the server.

So i setup the IIS on the FM server 9 adv box (OS = Win 2000 sp4).

The iwp_home.html i have placed in the 'Web Publishing' > 'IWP' directory...is this correct?

The link to the db in the iwp_home.html file is as follows:


This is how i had it setup in my Pro 8 adv...apart from the port was 591...i have changed the port to port 80 for the server...apart from that is this correct?


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You should not have to place the iwp_home page anywhere. The installer puts it where it belongs.

The general form to call the home page is this:

where is the IP address of the server. See if that works to bring up the file first. Then we can tinker with it.

Be sure the fmiwp bit is set in Extended privileges, and that you're actually running Server Advanced, not regular Server.


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Thanks for that...

entering ipaddress/fmi/iwp brings up my customised iwp_home.html page...so placing this in the Web Publishing > IWP directory must take this, im guessing as the default home page!!!!

Now all i need to do is to be able to access the db from the link within the iwp_home.html page..i will require users to login via their account name and password.

Thanks again.

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This topic is 6068 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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