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Retaining a Calculated Result

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Hello, I'm a beginner with FileMaker and I have been trying to figure out how to write a particular Script for almost 3 days now.

I need the Script to search a column of my records, count all the instances of the number 1, and insert the result into a layout (with summary fields), THEN search the same column for instances of the number 2, insert that result into the next summary field, etc. etc for the numbers 3 and 4.

"Perform Find" and "Insert calculated result" work when I only tell it to look for look for #1s, but as soon as I tell it go back and look for the #2s, #3s, and #4s, it seems to erase the results of the previous find and I end up with the result of the final find (#4s) in all four summary fields.

How do I tell FileMaker to RETAIN the calculated result in the appropriate summary field when I have it do multiple finds?

I've tried "Go To Next Field," "Go to Field," as breaks...I've even tried setting up each find as a separate script and then having one "Master Script" run the smaller scripts. Nothing has worked.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

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This topic is 6064 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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