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Are lookups possible between fields in the same table?

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Hi and thanks for reading.

I suspect this is a very easy question to answer and the only way to do this is to divide up one table into two, but I thought I'd ask first.

For simplicity, I have four fields in 1 table. The first field holds Serial Numbers. The second field holds Descriptions. The third field is 'Requested Serial Number' and the fourth 'Requested Description".

Through a Record Entry Form, I wish to type in the Requested Serial Number and as soon as I commit the value, the 'Requested Description' field will lookup the Description from the 2nd field which relates to the Serial No. in the first field -> and this field tied to the 'Requested Serial Number'.

This would be quite easy if the 'Requested Description' was an auto-calculation with a relationship between 1 table containing 'Serial numbers' and 'Descriptions' and the other table containing 'Requested serial number' and 'requested description'.

But is it possible to replicate this lookup behavior within a single table? Thanks

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