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Gathering Information from List Layouts?

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I'm totally new at this filemaker thing, and am having a little trouble trying to figure out a way to do what I would like to do:

I fix computers, and I need a way to be able to prioritize whose computers I work on first. The way I figured it out in my head is this:

-Customer brings computer to be repaired

-Enter in Customer's Info

-Customer's computer joins a queue where the computers I've had the longest becomes the ones I work on first.

Now, here's the tricky part that I haven't been able to figure out completely.

There are certain occasions where some customers get priority over other customers.

For example: If a customer comes in and pays a service "Rush" fee, they automatically get the next available spot on my bench, and the appropriate spot in my "queue".

There are a couple of ways I solved a way to implement this.

1. If ( Rush = "Yes"; "a" & queue ; "b" & queue )

e.g., a computer's queue # that has a rush = 'a986357'; one that doesn't = 'b098709'

2. Sort by Rush, then time, then non rush, then time.

OK, now after all of this happens, another layout will automagically tell me which computers I need to work on next. I'm having the most problems with this. I have no idea at ALL how to solve this. Somehow, I need FM to auto-fetch the top 4 (or so) computers in this "queue" list and display them in certain fields.

Is anyone able to help me figure this out? I need help. :) (...AHHHHH!)

(I attached a .pdf to better explain what I'm trying to accomplish)



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That works. :) I honestly don't completely understand the "g_Complete" and what it does. Could you or someone explain this?

Are there any other ways to do it I'm curious?

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You want your portal to show records from the same table where the field Complete = No. To form the relationship you need a constant that is equal to No. Thus you create a global field and enter No for that field. When using this in the realtionship it limits the portal records to only those where the Complete field = No.

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