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Portals times 4


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Okay, so I'm just learning this FileMaker 5.5 stuff and portals are confusing me. Here's what I have. I'm setting up a database for our school that will allow us to bring together bits and pieces of information that are spread far and wide now. So, I have set up a series of files: (for example:

1. Demographic Data

2. Counselling Notes

3. Administration Notes

4. Classroom Teacher Notes

5. Resource Teacher Notes, etc. All are related by student number.

Now not every student will have input from all these areas. However, there are some commonalities. Therefore, I want to be able to create a Report file that will bring together data from the separate files in the data base.

For example, we might be interested in the academic accommodations made for a student by administration, counselling, classroom teachers, and the resource department. This data was entered in repeating fields in each of the original files ...

I used lookup to enter whatever demographic data I need from the demographic file, and then I created 4 portals, each linked to one of the other files (administration, counselling, classroom and resource). I placed the fields I wanted from each file to appear in the correct portal, formatted them as repeating files and sat back. I was pleased with myself.

However, only the first portal works correctly. It displays the repeating fields from the Administration file very nicely. However, the portals linked to Classroom, Counselling and Resource don't display anything. Can't see where I have messed up.

Any help will be gradtefully received.

P.S. Any suggestion for manuals that will speed me on my way with FMPro?

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This topic is 7526 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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