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Repetition Fields

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I would like to know if is possible to make a search upon records that have repetition fields and isolate these values upon the found set in the list mode.

I dont want to all of the repetition fields apear, only the found ones, since each one has a individual value.

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Why are you using repetitions here? You really should split these into seperate records.

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Because each record is like a report of what each actor dubed of a especified project and how much to pay him.

So i have the projects in repetition and a Sum() to do te total for me....

The problem: if its not repetition how can i do the sum over many projects as idividual records for each actor...

Thats why i would like t know if it is possible to make each individual field in te repetition apear as idividual records upon a find set.

I that know maybe theres a better solution to this...but im a newbie in FM.

Any ideas will be highly apreciated.

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Again you should have seperate records for each project.

There should be at least two tables here (3 depending on your setup such as if you have multiple actors to a project).






Project TABLE



fkActorID ( if only one actor to each project)

Join TABLE (if more than one actor can be on a project)



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