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capture status of rolodex

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is it possible to capture the staus of rolodex [record navigation through status area] through a script? that is lets say if user moves to record # 4 from #3 [by clicking on rolodex <- ->/ by using keys]then i should be able to keep track of previous record # as well as current in a variable.

for now i have customized navigation buttons and they work fine if user don't use rolodex. but they start to skip records when, lets say, user uses the Rolodex to navigate and go to record# 7 while stored variable in script through my navigation button shows record#2 [last record user went to by clicking next button. i want to eliminate this discrepancy by capturing the status of Rolodex and comparing it with my stored variables.

i know i can hide the status area but i want to keep that option on for the user [along with customized navigation buttons]

thanx in advance :)

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See if this Thread today helps. Link

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