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Portal doesn't show up in new file

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I am making a Football Stat database and I don't know what I did to make my Portal not show up anymore. I have attached links to 2 files, FootballWorks and FootballDoesnt. I want the FootballDoesnt file to be the one I keep.

Here is how my database should work. Enter the game data on Game Stats screen and it should show up on Player Stats screen in the portal which draws from Players Table and Freshman Stats graph. I am only concerned right now about the Freshman Passing stats for Ben Konen (only one with stats on both) because once I get this fixed, I can get the rest. Now it looks like the relationships are the same in each graph. Why won't this work in FootballDoesnt?

You can email at ryanluther@bluehawkfootball.com also.


http://mrluther.com/FootballDoesnt.fp7 (UserName is ryanluther, Password is blank)

Please help

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