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Troi File: opening network folders in mixed environment

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I'm using the "TrFile_SelectFolderDialog" function to select a folder (from a network drive) and store the path in a field.

Then I use "TrFile_Launch" to open the folder.

This database runs on both Mac and PCs.

If I select a network folder (file server) from a MAC and then use the "TrFile_Launch" from a MAC then it works fine.

If I select network folder (file server) from a PC and then use the "TrFile_Launch" from a PC then it also works fine.

The problem happens when "TrFile_SelectFolderDialog" is triggered from a MAC and then I use "TrFile_Launch" to open the same network folder from a PC (and vice versa), it just doesn't open.

"TrFile_SelectFolderDialog" stores the network folder path on the PC database as:


"TrFile_SelectFolderDialog" stores the folder path on the MAC database as:


I had thought of using the "substitute(...)" function in order to translate the path from one platform to the other, but the problem is that apparently the "TrFile_SelectFolderDialog" doesn't store the volume name, that is, the stored path starts with the first folder and it omits the network volume name. Therefore, if the folder is selected from a Mac, I cannot "translate" that path to a PC path since the volume name is missing.

Any ideas about how to make this work? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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