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Schedula Planner v1.0.6

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Bozrah, CT - June 19, 2008 - Life $uccess Institute is pleased to announce that Schedula Planner v1.0.6 is now shipping.

Schedula Planner is a large-screen scheduling program that displays traditional side-by-side appointment grid times with fully integrated, yet completely independent, "live" action items. As such, it is ideal for planning activities and events, scheduling rooms, making appointments, entering reminders, and so on. It is the perfect scheduling program for all types of businesses and organizations. Yet it is also particularly well-suited for use by individuals, including lawyers, counselors, therapists, inspectors, educators, students, and many others.

While Schedula Planner is fast and powerful, it is also inexpensive and easy-to-use. Because of this, it is the clear first choice when it comes to managing nearly every type of scheduling need. It even supports international calendars, as well as other languages. As such, it is a program that can be used pretty much anywhere in the world.

Key features include:

* Variable start and end times (and intervals), automatic conflict checking, batch importing of entries, date and time blocking, reminders and action items

* Sorts and searches based on color, private listings, calendar groups, one-click presets, year-at-a-glance calendars, custom repeats, barcode tags

* The ability to enter appointments into multiple schedules at the same time and update them simultaneously for date and time changes

* Optional audit tracking with instant "roll back" recovery from any edit or deletion

* Extensive administrative controls, including log-in accounts and passwords

* Lets you enter and track appointments using your own files

* Secure auto-encryption of sensitive data

* Special support for other languages

* Free maintenance updates

* Plus, much more!

Schedula Planner is $49. Network seats are $19 each. A single-user edition with only one schedule is $29. Requires FileMaker Pro 9 and a minimum 1280 x 1024 dpi display (e.g., a 17-inch "square" desktop screen, 17-inch high-resolution wide-screen laptop, or20-inch or larger wide-screen desktop monitor). For best results, high-speed dual-core computers are suggested. For networking, FileMaker Server is highly recommended.

To download a copy of the program, please visit http://www.lifesuccess.org/

Life $uccess Institute has been developing custom solutions for our clients since 1985, and bar code and scheduling programs since 1988. We are specialists in creating practical software to meet the constantly changing needs of business and industry.


Press Contact:

Life $uccess Institute

356 Salem Tpke

Bozrah CT 06334-1518

(860) 886-7141



Copyright 2008 Life $uccess Institute. All rights reserved. Schedula Planner is a trademark of Life $uccess Institute. FileMaker Pro is a registered trademark of FileMaker, Inc.

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