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portal info to the web?


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First time here, looks like a better resource than the last forum I was a part of, especially since it's down right now. Hope you guys can help me out on this one.

We have a series of databases all linking from one to another passing information every which way, and a master database that sums up the information in a very nice and neat way. The Master has 2 portals gathering information from two different databases.

Now here's the problem. We want this stuff to be accessable to 350 people living in towns across the entire western side of our state. So many of the databases have websites set up to allow users to look at their files, sign up for workshops, that kind of stuff. But we would also like the Master database to be on the web, BUT we really need the information from the portals. We would like 2 areas that expand with each entry from a portal, kind of like the search results page.

Or is this question more appropriate for the internet area of the forum?

Thanks in advance

Dave Weiss

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[Could the admin transfer this to the FileMaker On-line forum?]

What you ask for could be done with Custom Web Publishing -- custom handles portals fine, but not quite in the same way that they appear on layouts. (There are fundamental differences between the web and FMP that limits and changes what can be done and how it is done.)

Of course, it's all time and money.

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This topic is 7482 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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