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Finding in portals


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2 db's, Contacts.fp5 and Interests.fp5 - related 1-M by Contact ID.

I want find all contacts that have both sailing AND skiing as there interests. If i do multiple find requests from either db, I get sailing OR skiing.

Is there a way I can use boolean in a portal field in a find request?



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Thanks Bruce

That doesn't work. I have tried multiple find request - this emulates an "or" condition.

If I create an identical portal with it's own (identical) relationship it will work. But this is not satisfactory - not only is it cruddy interface design, irf I want to do a similar find with 3 or 4 or more criteria, i would need that many portals and relationships (No thanks!).

I am after something a little more dynamic.

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Aha!!! Sometimes I excel myself!

If I :

1.Go to the Interests db and set the clint ID feild to "!" (Duplicates) then set the interest field to "Sailing"

2. Create another find request and set the client ID to "!" then set the interest feild to "Skiing"

3. Perform the find - hey presto!

Surely that little puppy deserves a star?

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That will find all contacts who have more than two interests, one of which is either skiing or sailing. Create two contacts, one interested in skiing and camping, the other interested in sailing and running. Your search will find both.

The work-around is one of the few legitimate uses of repeating fields. In the INTERESTS file create a calc field:


Give it as many repetitions as you have portal rows. In CONTACTS create a layout just for searching. Duplicate the interests layout, and replace the portal with the repeating field, showing all repetitions, sized about the same as the portal.

In Find mode you can search the repeating field for as many interests as you have repetitions. Only contacts who have all of those interests will be found - an AND search.

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It doesn't matter. The repeating field is only for searching. After the Perform Find, the script should take you back to the portal layout for browsing.

When you search a repeating field, criteria entered in any of the repetitions will be searched for in all repetitions.

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Here's a slight variation on the original question. I am new to portals and am unsure how to do a different kind of find.

Same basic setup - an individuals db, and a donations db, related by ID number. In the individual db I have a portal that shows that person's donations. I would like to do a find on all donations of a certain size in a certain date range (again, an "AND" request, but of a different sort). If I request find date>1/1/2001 and gift size>99, I get records for any individuals who made a gift (of any size) >1/1/2001 OR who made a gift (at any time) >99.

Is there a way to do the "And" find I'm looking for? (I'm hoping I'm missing something basic here!)

Many thanks--Kathy

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This topic is 7451 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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