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Runtime won't open...well .exe does

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EDIT: the .exe opens everytime but not the .usr for some reason. File name has _ in it.. make a diff? It worked before.

This is my first attempt at a runtime but I'm a long time FM user.

Hopefully not to vague but I went through the developer untilies....da da da da da... runtime created in folder.

I copied the folder onto another PC to test and I double click on the .exe but nothing opens.

In reading the help files I see:

"After a user has run the installation program for your runtime application, the files are installed on the user's hard drive. The solution's three-character filename extension is registered with the operating system (Windows) or in the system preferences (Mac OS X). This registration allows the operating system to locate and launch the runtime solution if the user double-clicks the primary or auxiliary solution files. If a primary or auxiliary solution file is double-clicked before the runtime application has registered the extension, the runtime application won't be found."

But how do I do this on the other PC?

Dumb I'm sure but hey that's the way my week has started!

PS. I also just noticed that it doesn't always open up on my pc. Sometimes the .exe is in the task manager but the runtime doesn't open. I do an end task on it... click again and it's hit or miss on whether it opens of not.... HUUUUMMMMMMMmmmmmm

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I guess it's my PC!

I used my laptop, created the runtime, all is well....

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